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Friday, March 31, 2017

Benefits of Bitter Melon Herbs

Bitter melon herb is one of many names given to momordica charantia. This tropical vine is native to India, but now is also found in China, the Americas, and Africa.

Some plants seem to gather around human dwelling places, and the herb appears to be one of them. It draws attention to itself by growing to six feet high and sporting yellow flowers and orange fruit. Naturally, the people noticed it. As they explored its uses, they gave it names, often related to its bitter taste.

The people of Asia know this plant very well. It is called karela by practitioners of Ayurveda, a holistic healing tradition, and is used as a stomach medicine, blood purifier, and for lowering blood sugar levels.

In China it is known as bitter gourd and often used in salty stir-fry dishes. The herb is a useful addition to the type 2 diabetic's diet because it lowers blood sugar.

Bitter Melon and Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes is a challenging disease. Sufferers are subject to a regime which revolves around managing time, balancing exercise, and measuring quantities precisely in order to control their blood sugar level. Diabetics must always think about what they eat in terms of the effects of carbohydrates, exercise, and insulin.

Bitter melon herb contains plant chemicals which have the same effects as those produced by the commonly prescribed anti-diabetic drugs but without the side effects. One possible side effect of diabetes medications is low blood sugar, so bitter melon should not be used if any of these drugs are being taken, because it is itself a hypoglycemic.

Bitter melon also lowers cholesterol, which may benefit type 2 diabetics, especially when obesity is a factor. Also the absence of fat and presence of phosphorous, calcium, and iron in the fruit add value for the type 2 diabetic by bringing sound nutritional elements into the equation.
The herb can be taken as a tea made from the leaves, but an extract of the fruit made into juice, tincture, or capsules is recommended for diabetics, as the hypoglycemic properties are concentrated in the fruit.

Making bitter melon part of our diet and eating it regularly may prevent the development of type 2 diabetes in those predisposed to it and delay the progression of the disease in those in its early stages. Eating foods with a low glycemic index whenever possible is also an important step in diabetes management. This type of diet has also been shown to reduce not only diabetes but also and coronary heart disease.

Bitter melon herb is thought to be a safe alternative to anti-diabetic drugs. Diabetics are always advised, however, to work closely with medical professionals before bitter melon herb is used, especially if taking anti-diabetic drugs or drugs that lower cholesterol. Bitter melon herb should not be taken by those trying to conceive, pregnant women, or breastfeeding women. 

By- Shelly Morgan

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