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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Top 5 Herbal Teas for Psoriasis

Herbal teas can work wonders for psoriasis sufferers and provide a great alternative for those looking for more natural remedies. These special brews may not cure psoriasis but they will certainly bring some relief. Below is a list of herbal teas reputed for helping psoriasis.

Ginseng Tea

A 7000 year old medicinal brew - with age comes wisdom! Made from the root of the Ginseng plant, this ancient remedy has been concocted especially for its healing properties. Containing plenty of healthy ginsenosides and antioxidants, Ginseng Tea has also been found to help psoriasis. There are several types of Ginseng teas - Siberian, American, Chinese and Korean - try them all to find a favourite! One word of warning though - it is not recommended for those with high blood pressure or children.

Slippery Elm Tea

It tastes as good as it sounds (not good, that is) but has been found to be good for psoriasis. Also termed the 'Medical Tree,' Native Americans recognized Slippery Elm's special healing properties, using the mucilage of the inner bark in many of their skin ointments. In 2004 'Alternative Medicine Review,' reported on a study where participants found that their skin improved after drinking this slippery tea! Why not have a go too.

Alfalfa Tea
Packed with plenty of vitamins, minerals and protein; how can Alfalfa Tea not be good for your psoriasis? A little Alfalfa plant contains over 300 nutrients! It was traditionally used as animal feed for livestock (the cows must have been damn healthy!), but now more and more people are discovering its benefits for humans too! It has been found to purify the blood, which is why it is so great for the skin.

Milk Thistle Tea

Another ancient remedial brew for treating your psoriasis! For about 2000 years, Milk Thistle has been turned to for its therapeutic properties. Not only does it help detoxify the liver, which in turn helps to keep the skin healthy, but it helps to reduce inflammation - meaning that it can help reduce the angry redness of those psoriasis patches.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is best known for its culinary role in the kitchen but many don't realize just how special this fibrous spice is. Ginger possesses amazing anti-inflammatory powers and is wholeheartedly recommended to psoriasis sufferers. Don't just add it to your cooking; add it to your tea! If you find it too strong then add a squeeze of lemon or a teaspoon of honey. -Author :Paul Plucker

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Weight Loss Promoting Foods

Some foods help burn fat and hence promote weight loss. However as with anything else moderation is the key. For example cayenne pepper and apple cider vinegar consumed in excess can damage the upper gastrointestinal tract and the stomach lining. Virgin coconut oil is a saturated fat and there is some controversy surrounding its benefits. However the latest research confirmed the benefits of this oil.

Cayenne pepper can help speed up the weight loss process especially when used in conjunction with healthy diet. It stimulates digestion and increases the metabolism. If you like spicy food, sprinkle it on your soups and salads. Do not overuse so you will not develop gastro-intestinal problems.

Apple cider vinegar was used for weight loss purpose for thousands of years. As it was demonstrated by a research, ACV added to food can help you to feel fuller. For the weight loss purposes add it to your salads or drink it mixed with water before the meals -add 1-2 tablespoons of ACV to a glass of water for this purpose.

Virgin coconut oil can increase the body's metabolism and help burn fat. It can satisfy hunger and at the same time provides fewer calories than other fats do. Coconut oil has a different structure and is digested differently. As anything else, consume in moderation.

Cinnamon helps to regulate the blood sugar and this is the property that is beneficial for weight loss. Sprinkle cinnamon on your morning coffee, shakes or smoothies. Drink a cinnamon tea with a pinch of stevia to taste. If you bake at home, add cinnamon to cookies and cakes. This will help reduce the detrimental effect of sugar on the body.

Treat these foods as weight loss aids and not "miracle" weight loss products. Used in addition to healthy diet and exercise they can help lose weight.