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Thursday, December 31, 2015

7 Steps to a Beautiful Radiant Face

We all know by now, to achieve beautiful skin, we need a skin regime. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. Sometimes we use a facial mask, or exfoliaters to bring out the best in our skin.

BUT, there is also something very important that we need to do but we always tend to neglect. What is it?

MASSAGE of course. This facial massage is helpful in promoting blood circulation, draining toxins from the face and stimulating the production of collagen under your skin. Bonus is, it also helps to stimulate some acupressure points along the face. Here is a step by step guide for a more beautiful face:

1) Gently pinch your eyebrows between your thumb and your index fingers. Pinch your eyebrows along from the beginning of your brow till the end. Do it for about 30 times or more if you like. This helps to elevate stress at your eye areas.

2) Apply some pressure by pressing along the entire eyebrow with your index fingers. Repeat this for about 30 times. Steps 1 and 2 helps to reduce dark eye circles too.

3) Lightly pinch the little area between your eyes. Don't press too hard or you will have a stubborn red mark there. The skin here is very sensitive to the touch. This helps to destress tired eyes especially. You can repeat it for about 10-15 times.

4) Make little circular motions on your temples lightly. Let the circular motions be directed outwards, moving from the insides of your temples which are nearest to the eyes towards your hairline each time. Repeat the circular motions for about 30 times to relief stress, the blues and headaches.

5) Slightly part your mouth like you're saying 'O' then press lightly on the cheeks. Repeat this for 30 times and this helps to stimulate collagen production to keep cheeks uplifted and firm.

6) From the sides of the nose, sweep the face in outward strokes with your fingers. Repeat this for about 30 times too. Make the strokes upwards from the sides of your nose towards the cheekbones gently and dont overpull the skin. This helps to drain toxins and water retention. Also, it helps to elevate sinus blockage. For further sinus relief, lightly rub the areas at the sides of the nose.

7) Run your fingers by applying slight pressure along your entire jawline, starting from your chin till your ears. Repeat for about 30 times. This helps to release stress along the jawline. We are usually unaware of how much tension we apply to the jawline as sometimes we tend to clench our teeth unknowingly.

Article by  Chantal Terry

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Natural Hair Growth Tips - Herbs And Foods That Stop Hair Loss

In 2009, America spent about 176 million dollars on hair loss products and very often, much of that money spent did not see the desired results. While there are endless hair enhancement options that tout to be effective, you should be careful about deceptive advertisements and fancy claims that do not honour with results. And while prescriptions that promote hair growth abound, the side effects can be more detrimental than ever. Here are a range of tested and proven natural hair growth tips which include herbs and foods that stop hair loss.

If you have been plagued by the endless frustrations of hair fall, receding hair-line, fast thinning hair and pattern baldness, you are not alone. 35 million men and 21 million women in USA are suffering from some form of hair loss. Key natural hair growth tips must include a holistic regimen that should always include the right amount of exercise, sufficient rest and sleep.

Did you know that your diet has a lot to do with the severity of your hair fall? In fact, your intake of the relevant supplements and foods that stop hair loss has everything to do with alleviating your frustrations and embarrassment. Yes, to some people it is beyond reality that something as simple as the food you eat can literally re-grow your crowning glory and revive your self-esteem.
The best part of having food for hair growth is that they are common and widely available in at your friendly neighborhood grocery or supermarket. And you can easily incorporate into your normal daily meals.

The idea of infusing supplements into your daily diet is an age-old tradition that not many of us even realise. Well, maybe not if you are a nutritionist. We have been taking fish, eggs, greens, liver, whole grain bread, nuts, walnuts, poultry, seeds, onions, legumes and more, without knowing that these are the foods that stop hair loss as they are rich in supplements and nutrients like protein, iron, sulphur, vitamin B and E as well as essential fatty acids.

Olive, coconut as well as canola oils make great hair growth recipes for both application and consumption. Apply the oils on your scalp for better blood circulation two times a day.
Kelp hair growth diet treatment has recently taken over the limelight at the hair loss scene. Kelp essentially contains a varied number of seaweed including wakame, and arame of Japan origin to Irish dillisk. This herbal form of treatment diet comes mostly in dried or processed form and infusing the seaweed diet into your soups and salads has become more common nowadays. They present the body with an excellent form of vitamin and minerals that directly replenish deficiencies. However, if you have thyroid disorder, it is important that you consult your personal physician as over ingesting kelp gives rise high iodine levels in the body which can aggravate or induce thyroid disorder. Whenever in doubt, before your start your kelp hair growth diet, check it out your doctor. And remember to consume in moderation.

It is important to note that hair loss in men and women are due to different triggers. In some cases, female hair loss could be induced by gastrointestinal tract ailments and by taking low-fat yogurt with active acidophilus, you can kill two birds with one stone, strengthening the intestinal tract thereby enhancing hair health. Men with hair loss, are closely tied to high testosterone levels and would get much more out of a low-fat dietary menu instead. Consuming less fat and meat would directly lower hormone levels and hence slowing the hair loss in the process.

Whether you are optimizing natural hair growth tips like kelp hair growth diet or taking foods that stop hair loss, always remember to consume in modern. Over indulgence on food for hair growth can give rise to other medical side effects that you might not wish to have.

By Joey Logan

Thursday, December 3, 2015

5 home made face pack for glowing skin

Face packs improve skin texture, health and glow. They also help to get rid of wrinkles and improve complexion. Here are five easy to make face packs to improve skin health and make it blemish free.
  1. Banana Pack: Banana is a natural skin whitener. Take some banana pulp and mix it with one tablespoon of honey and few drops of rosewater. Regular application of this pack makes your skin fairer.
  2. Tomato and Fresh Cream: Tomato juice mixed with fresh cream of milk can be applied all over the face for perfect cooing effect on skin. This pack can be applied regularly for getting your skin hydrated.
  3. Potato Juice: Discoloration of skin can be cured by applying the juice of freshly grated potatoes.
  4. Cucumber Pack: Splash your face with the juice of cucumber. This ideal summer coolant is simply the best for your skin. Blemishes of your skin can be done away with by applying cucumber pack. For making cucumber pack, mix about two tablespoon of gram flour with the juice of cucumber and about one spoon of honey. Regular application of this pack gives you impeccable skin.
  5. Watermelon Pack: Crush the pulp of water melon and mix it with a tablespoon of yoghurt and honey to get a face pack that on regular application keep your skin hydrated and also nourishes your skin so that it an glow with health.