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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tips to Relieve Constipation in Toddlers

You need to treat the existing problem, that is clear the bowel of hard bowel motions, and then work on preventing the situation from recurring. Here are tips to relieve constipation in toddlers:
Massage to encourage movement through the large bowel. Have the child lie on their back and knees raised. With warm hands apply gentle pressure. Start from the lower right abdomen, work your way up towards the rib cage, then go across the stomach and down the left side. This is roughly the direction of the bowel and is helpful for stimulating the muscles to move hard stools.
Use juices to assist the intestines. The juices can include prune, apple and lemon. Spinach, watercress and dandelion leaves can be added to milder juices such as carrot, cucumber, beetroot and celery. These can be used in small amounts or diluted.
Increase the consumption of fibre rich foods. These include vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and at the same time reduce the intake of sweets, chocolate, cakes, bread and white rice. Don't overdo the nuts though, as this can actually be constipating.
Eat meals at a regular time so the bowel is able to get into the habit of moving at certain times.
Increase the amount of water your child drinks. Children need to drink 6 to 8 glasses per day. Using milk, cordials and soft drinks can cause further problems so use filtered water and fresh natural juices as much as possible.
Encourage plenty of physical activity.
Increase the number of friendly bacteria in the bowel by the use of probiotics.
Remind children to go to the toilet.
Change the child's position when they go to the toilet. Place a small stool in front of the toilet so they are able to have their feet on it and this will raise their knees and change the angle of the hips. This will place the child in a position that requires less pushing.. Squatting is the ideal position for all humans when defecating.
Eat plenty of magnesium rich foods. Magnesium is important for muscle contraction and a deficiency in magnesium can cause constipation. Foods rich in magnesium include nuts, whole grains and beans.
Add some psyllium seeds to the diet. For children who are prone to constipation a daily supply of psyllium seeds can help. This is a fiber that helps regulate the activity of the bowel. When mixed with water or diluted juices they can create larger and softer stools. In order to work effectively the seeds need to absorb water so the child needs to drink plenty of fluids. The dosage for children from 3 years of age is 1 teaspoon twice daily added to diluted juice.
Talk to your child about any problems or stresses that they might have. Expressing concerns and receiving reassurance can greatly reduce stresses that may cause or contribute to constipation.

You will need to see a health professional if the constipation is difficult to relieve, if it is associated with a lot of pain or blood or if the child is doing all the right things and the problem is still there. Your health professional will consider the possibility of allergic problems and should explore this more thoroughly.

By Dr Jenny Tylee

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

6 Proven Fast Weight Loss Tips

If you are looking for fast weight loss tips, you have came to the right place because in this article, you will be shown six proven rapid weight loss methods. These methods have been used by celebrities, athletes, models and many others who wanted to lose weight whenever they would like to.

The myth about fast weight loss is that it brings harm and side effects. The statement is not entirely true. If one truly enjoys what they are doing to lose weight and they know what are the exact methods that work, losing weight fast should not be a problem. Without further talking, let us look at the six methods that will help you to lose weight fast.

More Protein in Your Diet

Protein helps to develop muscles and they are less likely to be turned into fat compared to carbohydrates. Muscles consume a lot of energy and will indirectly boost metabolism rate. Thus, protein will definitely help in fast weight loss.

Avoid Fatty Parts in Meals

I am sure that when you visit any fast food restaurants that serve chicken, especially fried ones, you will find some yellowish fat under the skin. If possible, clean them before you bite on it. I know its disgusting but there are some people who really love it.

Drink More Water

Water helps to clear toxins in our body. Although they are not directly linked to weight loss, drinking them will fill you up with energy with the toxins washed away so that you can run an extra mile on the treadmill.

Monitor Your Calories

Monitoring everything you eat and carrying the calorie card around is kind of paranoid. Let me ask you this. How bad is it that you want a change to your health and waist line? How fast do you want to see the results? Track everything you eat and stay within the recommended daily calories consumption amount.

Intense Cardio Workouts

Yes, everything should be fast if you want to lose weight rapidly. Plan out some sessions for intense cardio. You can be jogging on a treadmill, power aerobics, swimming or sprinting. Fast activities bring along joy and you will not be bored easily.

Natural Weight Loss Pills

Results have shown that there are actually weight loss pills out there that helps someone to experience fast weight loss without harming their body. This can be done because of the natural substances used in the pills. Ask around or search around the Internet. Find out what suits you and what will bring you results as soon as possible.

By Kelly Paisley

Monday, September 28, 2015

Suggestions For Finding a Natural Migraine Remedy

Modern medicine has provided the millions of migraine sufferers several medications to choose from to alleviate the symptoms of their medical condition. However, even with the availability of these drugs, some migrainers opt for the kind of treatment where side effects are not an issue but the results are just as helpful. In this case, their concern would be to find the best natural migraine remedy.

A natural remedy, which could also mean home or herbal remedy, is a type of medication prepared from plants. Because migraine is a disease affecting millions, it is not surprising that along with the development of pharmaceuticals to treat it, natural remedies have also been formulated for the same reason. Although not yet regarded in the same status as prescription or over-the-counter drugs, natural remedies are becoming more and more popular because they have been proven to be against with migraine.

Aromatherapy is popular as a natural migraine remedy and is effective in easing pain. It involves the use of scents to provide relief from pain. The scent to be used differs among people because individuals react to smells differently. However, there are popular ones that are oftentimes used for this purpose: peppermint, sandalwood, lavender and eucalyptus. Essential oils can be used for massage or mixed with candles and soap. For migraine, it is recommended that only the purest essential oils be utilized.

Next to aromatherapy, another known natural migraine remedy is exercise. This technique is not only recommended by those practicing alternative medicine but it is also made a part of migraine treatments provided by physicians. Exercise is beneficial because it helps the sufferer cope with pain when endorphins, natural painkillers produced by the body, are released during exercise. Some even do mild exercises during attacks to lessen the intensity of the pain. When one decides to start on an exercise regimen, it is important to take note that the body will react to abrupt changes. Hence, it is best to start slow.

Another alternative migraine remedy is massage. Massage provides both stimulation and relaxation. When doing a massage to relieve the symptoms of migraine, it is best to use the essential oils that provide aromatherapy. Doing so is like hitting two birds with one stone and double relief will be provided. The areas to be massaged include the shoulders and back of the neck since these are where most headache-inducing muscle contractions occur. Touching the base of the skull also proves beneficial. A recent discovery for the relief of migraine is a foot massage. The procedure can be done by the sufferer on himself or he can ask another person to do the massage for him.
By Faith Marie Haley

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Weight Loss Tips for Teenage Guys

Obesity is rapidly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Most people accept that this epidemic is the fault of the poor western diet, both within western countries and now being exported to others through the media and advertising. This, coupled with the growing inactive lifestyle choices people are making is causing huge numbers of us to get fat. With the ever-present propensity of younger people to engage in humiliation and teasing being overweight is a more common problem for our teenagers than ever before.

The distractions available to teenagers is greater than it has ever been in the past and they tend more and more to centre around games consoles, PCs and television, all of which are highly inactive pastimes. The result of these sedentary existences and poor, fat and sugar laden diets is of course weight gain and eventually obesity.

It's upsetting for both parents and their children to suffer from teenage obesity. The overweight of all ages are all too often the subject of someone's ridicule and teasing, the sight of which is distasteful to all and more distressing for parents. So if someone wants to do something about a weight problem how can they achieve sensible teenage weight loss?

If you're a teenager tying to lose weight then the means to losing fat are the same as they are for anyone else, namely sufficient exercise and a balanced diet. As we've already mentioned there are so many distractions and hobbies that a teenager can have today that don't require much, if any physical exertion. But there are other reasons why many teenagers avoid exercising. For instance young girls are often concerned about developing too much muscle. This is really an unfounded concern because building muscle takes time and you can stop long before you see yourself getting too much muscle. Besides, it's relatively easy to tone up and look leaner than it is to really bulk up.

The second reason people and teens in particular avoid working out, especially in a gym environment, is that they often lack the confidence and are frightened of being mocked. Unfortunately, this can of course mean that they never tackle their weight problems, possibly feeling depressed and trapped in their situation. Ironically the best way to lift mood, overcome anxiety and gain confidence is to become fitter and healthier through exercise. By exercising the body releases endorphins which will naturally make you feel happier and generally good about yourself.

There are of course a lot of teenagers out there who don't need to lose weight but could still benefit from engaging in exercise. Regular workouts and training sessions can make everyone look better through a leaner body and clearer skin. I'm sure almost every teenager has skin worries for a period of time so exercise can really help clear those pores and a good diet will help too.

Teenagers thinking about following a weight loss program can find it more difficult than adults. Everyone finds a weight loss program challenging, especially at first and often teenagers may not have the confidence or perseverance to see things through. That is where their support networks come in to offer moral support, praise and encouragement to help them avoid temptations and keep them on the straight and narrow.

The best support a teenager trying to lose weight can get is from friends and family and if that's not possible then they can get it from others who have already been through it via various support networks or even on weight loss forums

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Ayurvedic Remedies For Weight Loss

By Jen K Jones

Why Do I Have Slow Metabolism After Delivery

What are main reasons for slow metabolism after delivery? This question often bothers those who have just given birth to a new baby. It is quite common to see mothers rushing out and calling up exercise and weight control firms asking for ways and means to put back the body in shape after the delivery. Many mothers are jittery about losing their beauty and attraction once they give birth to a baby. They think that the whole process of delivering a baby involves putting on excess weight from which it is difficult to come back. This is just an opinion and not based on facts. The fact of the matter is that a woman can come back to her original shape and attraction just by following some common tips that are simple to follow though not exactly very easy.

It is a known fact that pregnancy and delivery is a complicated process. During this process it is quite normal to see a lot of changes in the hormonal levels. The main function of these hormones is to help the whole process of pregnancy to go smoothly. Hence it is quite common to see a surge in hormone levels during pregnancy. It is also quite common to see pregnant mother always being in a state of hunger during pregnancy. This is essentially because of the increased levels of certain hormones which increase appetite. This is quite natural because the pregnant mother has also to take care of the unborn child and see that it gets the right share of food and nutrients.

However, once the pregnancy is over it is quite natural that the hormone levels fall down and that could be the reason why there is slow metabolism after delivery. Many women experience different types of problems once they are through with the process of delivery. Many women go into a state of depression because of hormonal imbalances and this triggers a chain of reaction which eventually affects the metabolism process and at times causes slow metabolism after delivery.

There could be quite a few reasons behind slow metabolism after delivery after delivery and it could vary from person to person. Hence, it would be better to check out with the doctor if you find a woman putting in extra weight after delivery. Further, there are some woman who do not breast feed their child after delivery thinking that it contributes to lower metabolism, while in fact it is exactly opposite. Breast feeding in fact helps the metabolism process.

However, eating fat burning foods makes all the difference between staying overweight or losing those extra pounds. If you eat four meals every day, but each day you eat different food and you get exercise plan which anyone can do, you can look the way you really want to. The best part, your metabolism does not even know you are on diet, and you still lose weight. People, who are skeptic, can even get a free metabolism booster guide and see how it works for them.

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By Ivonna Boss