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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Natural Remedies For Aging Skin

When consumers buy anti-aging skin care products, it is common for them to buy the most expensive or the most advertised and popularized product. However, it is important to remember that the human skin is sensitive to strong chemicals and cosmetics. Therefore, it is always safer to not suffocate the natural breathing process of the skin by using such products. A comparatively, lighter product composed of natural ingredients can be a far better solution.

The first step towards maintaining an aging skin through natural methods would be to take adequate care of the skin and provide nourishment to it according to the skin type. As Vitamin E is very effective in slowing down the aging process of the skin, almond oil, olive oil, apricot oil, sesame oil or wheat germ oil can be massaged gently on the facial skin for quick results. A healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables combined with exercises can provide the body with the necessary nutrients required for a young looking skin. Drinking lots of water and adequate sleep can also work wonders for skin making it flawless.
Apart from these home remedies, people desiring to check their aging skin can buy natural products available in the market. However, it is essential to check the quality and the ingredients before purchasing any of these products.  The reliable natural products are usually tested and sealed by various dermatology associations to authenticate their composition and usage.

Natural cosmetic products are typically made out of various natural ingredients such as botanical oils, vitamins and herbal extracts required for restoring the skin's elasticity and softness to make it look young. The herbal extracts provide moisture and balance by cleansing the skin. Various home made herbal face packs can also be used to keep the pores of the skin closed and thereby maintain the suppleness of the skin. Lemon oils containing Vitamin C are considered very helpful in maintaining the natural texture of the skin.

The best part about using natural products for skin care is that they do not usually have any side effects except in extreme situations. When these products and remedies are used after assessing the skin type and physical constitution of an individual, they are usually the best solutions for any kind of skin problems.

Author : Jason Gluckman ,i-AntiAging.com

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Discover the Complications of Low Testosterone

Many men feel that changes in their mood or physical abilities are indicators that the days of getting older have finally arrived. What they don't know is that a lot of symptoms that seem like the effects of aging are actually signs of decreasing testosterone levels. 

Men often have the misconception that low testosterone levels only show themselves through low libido or hair loss but those are just a couple of the complications of low testosterone. 

Depression testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that affects mood, energy, weight and sexual arousal. These are key factors that contribute to a persons well being and overall disposition. When testosterone levels in men drop, beginning as early as mid to late thirty's, depression is very common.

Men who begin to experience mild to severe mood swings, poor mental and physical performance or just a sour outlook on life are often showing signs of complications of low testosterone. While dealing with these issues many men have difficulty fulfilling their roles as father, lover and businessman.  

Erectile dysfunction and Testosterone

Familiar complaints of many aging men are changes within their sexual relationships. There are definite parallels between erectile dysfunction and testosterone levels. Not being able to perform at all sexually or not being able to have the stamina of times before is one of the more common complications of low testosterone. Many men lose the desire they once had to engage in sexual activity and see a swift decline in their ability to connect sexually with their partners. 

Closely related to sexual and erectile dysfunction is self image. Depression caused by low testosterone levels can contribute to weight gain thereby diminishing self image.  Testosterone helps regulate fat distribution so when there are drops in amounts of testosterone fat is likely to begin collecting in certain areas. In many men this happens to occur in the abdomen area.

Muscle weakness develops and just an overall lack of energy settles in. Unwanted extra weight and the lack of energy to exercise to get rid of it pose a problem to many men with this condition.These things coupled with depression are the reason many men feel they have hit the dreaded midlife crisis. 

Studies have shown that decreased levels of testosterone can attribute to the development of insulin resistance and that men who have diabetes have lower amounts of free and total testosterone than men without diabetes. New research has also shown that diabetic men with extremely low testosterone levels are more prone to develop atherosclerosis (artery hardening), which can lead to heart attacks. 

With such serious complications of low testosterone it is a scary thought that approximately 13 million men in the U.S. have this problem but only a mere 10% receive treatment for it.  That means that a friend, spouse, father, or uncle you know probably suffers with this silent nemesis and has no idea that they are symptomatic. If you are a man that feels that you are experiencing complications of low testosterone it is to your benefit to seek medical advice.
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Stop Sexual Impotence - A Healthy Diet Can Help Maximize Potency And Provide Greater Sexual Health

If you want to maintain good health, then most medical experts would agree a healthy, well-balanced diet is an important factor.  But although eating well can help you lose weight and feel good, did you know that it can also give your sex life a boost?  It's often been said that certain types of foods are aphrodisiacs (oysters or chocolate, anyone?), but eating well achieves a lot more than just a temporary lift in your sexual interest.  Sexual impotence is often caused by a lack of energy, stamina, or too much stress, and eating well can help reduce those issues.  If you want maximum potency and greater sexual health, then here are some ideas for healthy diet that can help you.

One food that definitely needs to be included in your quest for greater sexual health is garlic.  It has a number of health benefits, including being antiseptic, a proven immune booster, and amazingly enough, an aphrodisiac.  Garlic is a great ingredient, because it's versatile enough to add to lost of different dishes.  However, its most effective if you eat it raw.  And not just one nibble - two or three raw garlic cloves every day.  If you're like me, that idea doesn't exactly appeal, so try chopping it up finely and adding it to a sandwich, or a salad vinaigrette.  Onions also provide similar health benefits, and is also thought to improve overall sexual health and the libido.  White onions are considered the most effective.

There are other vegetables that are recognized as helpful in the fight against impotence.  If you want to increase your stamina, then give carrots a try.  You need to eat around 150 grams of carrots every day for maximum benefit.  Asparagus is another vegetable that's considered to have aphrodisiac properties.  For centuries, many tribes have dried the asparagus roots and use it as an aphrodisiac.

Moving along to fruit that is beneficial in fighting impotence, we come to dried dates and raisins.  They're both high in fiber, and give the body a sustained energy boost.  Black raisins in particular are known for their aphrodisiac properties.  It's generally suggested that you consume nuts at the same time as dried raisins or dates, in particular pistachio, almonds or walnuts.  These help to give your body a protein boost, and work positively together with the high fiber in dried fruit.

Ginger is a herb that has often been used to cure sexual impotence symptoms.  It has been popular for many years for treating a wide variety of ailments, among them premature ejaculation and impotency.  The best way to use ginger is to extract its juice, and drink about half a teaspoon of the juice every night.  Continue this for at least three weeks.

More generally, it's always beneficial for your health and your sexual health in particular, to increase your consumption of fresh fruit.  Eaten regularly, fresh fruit helps to fight the free radicals present in your body.  Whey protein is a good way of increasing your stamina, energy and endurance.  Finally, make sure you avoid excess amounts of alcohol and caffeine, as these are well known for sapping your sexual energy.


Herbal Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

About 300,000 men each year are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction in the United States alone. A third of these men do not respond to the conventional treatment with drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. A smaller percentage cannot be prescribed with drugs due to pre-existing medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and hyperthyroidism. All these men are essentially left with the option of penile devices that help them maintain erections – or, of course, they could turn to herbal remedies.

As populations within the developed world are increasingly turning to traditional medicine for overall healthcare, they have come to realize the fact that herbalism is not a “quack science.” Modern medicine is also starting to be more accepting of herbal remedies for treating erectile dysfunctions. A few studies indicate that Gingko Biloba has great potential for treating erectile dysfunction as it increases blood flow to the penis. However, this herb can be fatal if it interacts with blood thinning drugs such as Coumadin (Warfarin) or natural foods like garlic and vitamin E. The herb Aswagandha (Withania somnifera), also called Indian ginseng, has been known for centuries as a tonic for stress relief. It works by decreasing performance anxiety and aiding better circulation.

Mexican natives are known to use the plant damiana (Turnera diffusa) as a male aphrodisiac — however, the active compound in the herb is similar to cyanide and may be toxic in large doses. Saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) has received some attention in the past years as an effective treatment for libido loss for its ability to help the body retain testosterone levels. One of the most popular herbal remedies to emerge that has gained considerable acceptance in recent years is Ginseng. Although the term ginseng has been used to refer to a variety of unrelated plants, many of them show remarkably similar properties and thereputic values. Among them, Chinese ginseng (Panax ginseng), Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) and Female ginseng (Angelica sinensis or Dong Quai) show poptential as treatments for impotence.

The FDA does not approve herbal remedies, as they do not fall under their jurisdiction, and this includes remedies for erectile dysfunction. Men interested in these medications should consult their physicians or herbalists in order to determine the appropriate herb and dosage.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Alternative Treatment For Psoriasis - Detoxification

An alternative treatment for psoriasis is detoxification.  This treatment may just be the solution that you need to keep your skin disorder under control. According to naturopathic doctors, treating psoriasis helps by treating your liver. Psoriasis has been linked to the presence of several microbial byproducts in the blood. These signs point to an abnormal function of the liver. Your liver is supposed to be responsible for filtering and detoxifying the blood. With microbial byproducts found in the blood, it is an indication that your liver is either overloaded with excessive levels of these toxins or that there is a reduction in its detoxification abilities.

Psoriasis, which means "to itch" in greek, is a chronic ailment whereby your skin forms red lesions that develop into scales or patches all over. These red eruptions make the skin itch leaving marks. The intensity of your skin disorder is likely to differ from that of another person. Intensity levels range from a massive outbreak to as mild as just a few patches. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder.  It is usually genetic but is not infectious or contagious. Although it appears that there is no particular cure for this disease, there are some things that you can do to reduce the level of your itch. 

Naturopathic doctors say that the inflammation of the skin, red irruptions, scales and flakes on the skin which cause itching are clear signs of toxins.   An alternative treatment for psoriasis namely detoxification, should help to remove harmful toxins and poisons from your liver and body. There are in fact many ways to detoxify for psoriasis and you may wish to adopt a combination where appropriate:

o Detox diet. To detoxify for psoriasis, a dedicated detox diet program that helps you to cleanse your liver will help. Consult a naturopathic doctor for this.  He should be able to advise you on how to go about with a liver and a body cleanse. Do take note that women who are pregnant should not go on a detox diet nor consider any form of detoxification during their pregnancy.  Also, if you are taking any conventional medications, get your doctor's advice before going on a detox diet.

In all situations, a healthy and balanced diet is a must. You should not consume food or drinks that will aggravate your disease. Avoid caffeine, such as coffee or strong tea. Herbal tea is also recommended for psoriasis. Spicy food and alcohol should be restricted. Refrain from red meat, shellfish and tropical fruits. 

o Herbal supplements. There are many types of herbal supplements for detoxification of your liver. These herbal supplements help enhance your immunity system and can prevent the psoriasis from recurring. Peony Red, Moutan, Lithospermum, Millettia, Salvia, Carthamus, Sophora (root), Rehmannia Raw, Gardenia, Isatis Root, and Smilax are some of the herbs used in psoriasis tablets.

o Homeopathy. Homeopathy is an alternative treatment that has been effective for many types of diseases.  For a homeopathic remedy for detoxification, you will need to consult a practitioner who has specialised knowledge.

o Hydra detox system. Hydra detox system is a machine by which you soak or immerse your feet, for approximately half an hour, in water. The machine helps to remove the harmful toxins through the pores of your feet. It is a new age method for detoxification of psoriasis and can be included as part of your overall treatment plan to become well.

o Reduce stress levels. Psoriasis like most other diseases is worsened by stress. Stress increases the toxins in your body, thus resulting in negative effects on your health and skin.  You should try these suggestions for alleviating stress levels: meditation, yoga and sleeping well.  Getting rid of stress helps to rebalance your system to a healthier and stronger state.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Improve Libido and Impotence With the Power of the Mind

Do you know that psychological or emotional factors can lead you to improve improve libido and impotence? Although a lot of physical causes may be attributed to libido and impotence, there are also psychological factors that lead to it.

Some of the factors can be depression, stress and pressures about home or work, anxiety, relationship problems and arguments, insecurities and a low self-esteem, and even sexual boredom and the loss of intimacy. These problems can be addressed as psychosomatic problems since these situations are affected by psychological factors or the emotion.

When this is the case, then there are very high chances you can improve libido and impotence. It may sound difficult at first, especially if you do not want to resolve the problem or you fear it, or worse is that you are unaware of the situation. However, when you have accepted that there is a problem and there is a need to work on it, then you can try different ways to treat psychosomatic impotence by using psychology as well. One does not need to turn to medications or surgery right away.

One treatment that you can undergo is Psychosexual Therapy. In psychosexual therapy or psychotherapy, the man and his partner are given techniques or exercises to help them renew their intimacy, sexual relation, sexual interests, and arousal. This can be done through talks, discussions, and activities that can lift the stress or anxiety that hasten impotence.

Another way to improve libido and impotence can be behavior modification. A new and positive outlook about one's self, performance, and even his partner can bring about change and improvements. Behavior modification can really take time, but it is also cheaper and does not only improve libido and impotence, it also improves one's personality.

To do this, here are a few suggested tips:

- Do a little reality check including a check on your personal situation and your present situation with your partner. What do you really feel about yourself, your member, and your partner?

- Talk with your partner to make things easier and lighter. It lifts up your burden and at the same time you are confident that there is someone who listens to you. If your partner is the one that's putting the strain on you, all the more that you should talk. Ask what your partner wants, say what you want, and come into a solution. You have to speak up and work things out together without turning into an argument.

- Your lifestyle is very important and it affects your penile health a great deal, so do a check on your lifestyle. Just like taking care of the rest of your body, you should also take care of your penis. Trim down your fat, alcohol and nicotine or tobacco intake. Eat healthier and try to do some exercises. If possible, get into an exercise program or visit the gym regularly.

- Consider a good quality supplement to improve libido and impotence

- If you still have more concerns, then it's time that you should seek professional advice from a trained therapist or doctor. Remember that you should not be ashamed of your situation and that you are not the only one suffering from it.

Your physical and sexual health and a sound mind are much more important so you should do something about it!

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